I Lost my Ethereum 😢😢😢

Thank you for being here and for reading through this page.


On May the 6th 2020 I have made one of the costliest mistakes in my life so far, I have lost all of my crypto savings due to the copy paste error, 40 ETHs gone. My crypto dream has vanished. To be honest I still do not understand how this has happened, but the best guess and the one that has the most sense is the copy paste bug. I wanted to send to the address 0x67547FbEFb4de892166F71ae9a295ee5f1621DA9 and pasted address was 0x67547FbEFb4de892166F71ae9a297ee5f1621DA9 where the funds are sitting today.

Right away I have created two reddit threads:

reddit page 1

reddit page 2

Needless to say that I did not get much sleep last months. For those of you reading this, please never send your funds tired, in rush or before sending test transaction. Even if you sent a test transaction, ALWAYS, ALWAYS take your time and check EVERY character because even if I sent a test transaction, this copy paste bug that I think has happened would have happened.


I was very, very disappointed, who would not have been. There were few good people that have contacted me and gave me a support. One of them even created a thread for the DAO: DAO proposal reddit but that was it from whole community.

All of the outcries to the ETH DEVs and the community have gone unnoticed. Someone even reported my previous Twitter account that got suspended when I was just trying to get back on my feet and get some help.

Nevertheless, I believe that there are good people somewhere outhere that they are reading through this page right now. I was always proud of all the crypto community solidarity and I strongly believe that someone out there will help me one day, help me to become a part of this great project again, that I am very proud of. I have believed in ETH since the day one and I still believe that we will change the world, I just hope to be together with you soon, as I just cannot afford to invest into ETH again, especially after losing a great part of my life savings.


To all the ETH people from the community with the good heart, please help me if you can by donating at least a tiny amount of the full amount I have lost. I hate even putting this site up, but I am desperate and I do not know what to do. Please help me dream again, dream with you again !!

My ETH address that I still do control is: 0x5187b054f932fd02a7ffe44a87b188090f1ecd9a

Please free to contact me for further info at: ethereum-lost@protonmail.com.

Please contact me if you have any doubt about this what you have read above. I have all the proofs that I am telling the truth and I am not trying to scam anyone.

Thank you all !!